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Sacred Celebrations and Rituals

There is great power in the ancient traditions of ritual and ceremony to mark significant occasions such as a wedding, hand-fasting, renewal of vows, child naming or other important life milestones.

For many occasions, it is important that we acknowledge, celebrate and honour with a sacred ceremony and ritual. These significant occasions could include a wedding, hand-fasting, vow renewal, child naming, and life events such as moving house, moving country, a new business venture, acquisition of new land , the starting or ending of a woman's menstrual cycle, stepping into manhood for a boy and so on.

Over many years as a shamanic practitioner (in the lineage of the Q'ero of the high Andes) I have gained great understanding of the power of ceremony and ritual. As a qualified celebrant for all types of weddings, hand-fasting, vow renewal and child naming, trained by the Federation of Independent Celebrants, CLICK HERE, and listed on their directory CLICK HERE, I offer ceremonies at any place and time that is special to you, on any occasion that you wish to commemorate, be that out in the beauty of the elements or in the sanctity of a sacred building or sacred site, as you wish.

Within any ceremony led by a celebrant, there are many choices for opening the space and honouring the life event through words, song, music, earth offerings (called Despachos), fire offerings, or any other traditions handed down through your lineage that you would like to incorporate. Using an independent celebrant is always about choice of place, time and elements, without the imposition of any fixed religious belief system. Together we can harmonise all of the elements and ideas that you would like to incorporate into a day of your dreams, setting the ground-work to co-create your future path and potential.

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I am willing to work throughout the UK but my home area is Rottingdean, Brighton, Sussex. Prices depend on the complexity and location of the ritual you would like, but an indication is given within the more detailed pages for each type of ceremony. An initial Skype consultation to discuss your requirements and create the vision for your ideal ceremony is free and to book this please call me on 07813180446 or email me at [email protected] Alternatively you can visit me in my healing centre in Rottingdean, Sussex.

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